About Asliani

Asliani is a motivational speaker and hip hop artist with a profound message of personal growth, empowerment, transformation and healing.  A native of Boston, she has lived many places and incorporates the diversity of her experience into her music. She raps in both English and Spanish. She gives honest and compassionate voice to many important issues seldom addressed in mainstream hip hop, such as the importance of finding one's authentic voice, the journey of sexual healing after trauma,  the pain of substance abuse and addiction, the process of making true peace with oneself despite the voice of the “inner hater” that we all struggle with to some extent, the necessity of the healing of the human family wounded and divided by racism,  the rebalancing of male-female relationships after years of distortion by patriarchy, and the healing of our collective relationship to Mother Earth. With good reason August March of Albuquerque's Alibi called Asliani "a revolutionary antidote to hip hop's materialistic and misogynistic failures" (November 13, 2014). 


In addition to rocking the stage at traditional music venues, Asliani has performed at schools and youth programs across the nation. Her message of authenticity, true personal empowerment and healing resonates powerfully not only with women of all ages thirsty for hip hop that speaks to their experience, but with people of all ages and backgrounds who have had to fight hard for their own light and freedom. 


U Do It Or U Don't: The EP (2010)


Medicina (2014)



"Let's Have It Out" (2015)  (song produced by Deep Note - video produced by The Sultan) - a powerful song about black-white dynamics in the USA. WARNING - contains upsetting graphic images

Live Performance of "How a Queen Do" at Femme Fatale in Santa Fe (2017)

"Medicina" (2014) - A Spanish-language feminist healing jam, yes ma'am! Click on the Closed Captioning button for subtitles. 

to download 4 songs from Medicina (clean for radio)


"On Feb. 15, we saw Asliani play again—this time at Winning Coffee (111 Harvard SE)—and were once again struck by her life-positive and unflaggingly skillful rapping. I think she's one of the best rappers in town, male or female. "    

   -Mike Smith, Alibi, 3.28.2013




"Now it’s Asliani’s turn. The Beantown native made her home in Burque and has produced some of the region’s most intensely flavorful and startlingly cerebral creations while in residence......Asliani’s work is a revolutionary antidote to hip-hop’s materialistic and misogynist failures, her verses compelling and competent."              

 -August March, Alibi,  11.13.2014


Performance and Workshops

Asliani has performed for a range of audiences, from hip hop listeners to university students to school groups to community organizations and beyond, and in a diverse range of venues. She can rock a set during a show at a traditional music venue as well bring the lyrics, the freestyles and her authentic presence to a local community event and and everything in between. She's here to create space for genuine authenticity in the world , to get the healing vibes flowing, to get the party started! 

In 2010, Asliani performed alongside internationally-known slam poet Saul Williams at the First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain, MA. In 2015, she was the musical guest of the week at the Community Church of Boston, where she shared some of her rawest work about racial healing.  In her new home state of New Mexico, she has shared the stage with Indigie Femme, Wake Self, Def-i, Katrina Benally & Letsjusb, Gigglez,  Doer, AnTro,  Bishop Undurdog, Wallatowa Massive, and Zach Freeman, among many others talented local artists of many different kinds. The diversity and versatility of Asliani's style and content allows her to complement a variety of genres, from hardcore rap to feminist folk and everything in between.

Asliani has  given performances  and led workshops at a number of schools and youth programs across the country, including Jemez Valley High School (Jemez Pueblo, NM), Boston Arts Academy (Boston, MA), the Notre Dame Education Center High School Equivalency Program (Boston, MA), the Learning Skills Academy (Rye, NH), and the Health Leadership Charter High School (Albuquerque, NM).  From 2008-2010, Asliani worked as a Musical Mentor in the Music Leadership Academy (based in Olympia, WA). With this program, she worked with young people from a variety of local Native and non-Native communities, coaching young people in the creation, recording and performance of their own life-affirming rap songs.

Manny Reynoso, director of the Notre Dame Education Center High School Equivalency Program, wrote the following to Asliani after she gave a performance and talk to the students in December 2014: "You are a ray of light.  As I mentioned before, your vibe is incredible. I am in awe of your honesty and openness apparent in your music. Thank you for taking the time to present and perform for our high school students. They really enjoyed it. You spoke to many of their monsters. It's refreshing to see an artist who is true to her craft and her force without comprising either." 


Asliani has also performed at several programs that work for women's liberation and healing from domestic abuse, including Enlace Comunitario in Albuquerque, NM . People who are recovering from trauma of all kinds find resonance with Asliani's uplifting and powerful messages of healing, of finding one's voice, of empowerment, and of healing the sicknesses of our society through healing their manifestations within us.   


In April 2016, Asliani took first place at the Gathering of MCs freestyle tournament in Albuquerque, NM as the only female competitor. Now more comfortable freestyling than ever before, Asliani incorporates freestyles into her presentations and workshops, adding an exciting element of creative fire that is extremely engaging  for youth and adults alike. In workshops, she facilitates freestyle cyphers where participants can play with the art of freestyling.  Asliani strives to make room for  authentic expression to be explored. 


Asliani is available for live performances, discussions of the topics addressed within her music, interactive rhyme-writing workshops, and any combination thereof.  Asliani's performances are a unique & profoundly powerful experience. Inquire for details. 


"Lo Mío" (2017) - Produced by Deep Note -  A bilingual jam about trust, empowerment and true safety in intimate relationships

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