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Starting in late 2020, I started leading with an alias, KaliKat. The lyrics to the following song (as yet unreleased) explain what the new name is about as well as some reflections about where I am in my spiritual walk at this time (2022) (chorus ommitted). 

Asliani getting at ya goin by KaliKat/

My A.K.A. let me say wassup with that/

Allow me to explain, this is sacred terrain/

Asliani's still my name too - I ain't changed/

But it's a new day - and I'm comin in large/

KaliKat's got the energy to serve these bars/

KaliKat came to me and I prayed and it felt right/

Infusing my path with new direction and new life/

Kali - goddess in the Hindu tradition/

Pierce darkness with light, pure transformation/

Hindu is not my lineage nor is it how I walk/

But I honor ALL spiritual Truth - real talk! /

She is also archetype:  feminine power/

Condemned by the Church but comin back in this hour/

Associated with Mary Magdalene/

Transmuter of poison, good medicine/

Kali is California, where I now reside/

I was happy in New Mex but I couldn't ignore the signs/

Creator's insistence that I come out West/

California dreamin schemin thinkin instant success/

Nuh-uh! I've had to walk through the flames/

We're all goin through it in these times of great change/

I had to see how the trauma's been runnin me/

Heck no I've never been healthy! /

Yo I never thought I would become a believer/

But I never thought my life would look this way neither/

And I didn't come to Him til I got broken/

Circumstances ripped the wound open/

And I came to understand this is spiritual war/

For my victory, I need Jesus as Lord/

Now I see that the blessings of the Jesus-way are real/

And the pain of all they've done in His name He's here to help us heal*/

I walk with Jesus AND I honor the Goddess/

Ain't that a contradiction? That's what they've taught us/

So I put the question to him, to Creator Sets Free**/

The answer that came through that feels true to me/

Is that YES there is a Goddess - Ruach HaKodesh (רוח קודש)/

Holy Spirit, indwelling presence/

Shekhinah (שכינה) - she is wisdom, intuitive knowing/

A flower inside us growing/

She is Mother Earth, whom I will always honor/

For I am Her granddaughter/

She is Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene/

Quan Yin, White Buffalo Calf Woman/

Yes there are Ascended Masters, Saints and friends in Spirit/

Lesser goddesses and gods - and One Creator of All

And I'm okay at this point callin Him Dad/

And we have a Divine Mother too - there's no problem with that  


*On my album Medicina (2014), I released a song titled "About Jesus" that expressed my views and feelings about Jesus at the time. I am still in alignment and agreement with the vast majority of what I said in this song. The hook of this song goes,


"Jesus is love, this much is understood /

but so much of how it all went down is not all good /

Jesus, can you help me reconcile? You with things so vile? /

You never would have killed nobody for believing different / 

Or given the go-ahead to mass enslavement / 

Jesus, I'm trying to hold onto You despite the pain / 

Of the things they've done in Your name

You can listen to it here.


A key way in which my understanding has evolved since I released this work is that I have since come to believe in Jesus as the Messiah of my Jewish people and in the message of the gospels.  Jesus is now my Lord and Savior.  An integral part of my walk with Jesus is a commitment to actively participate in the process of healing the wrongs done by Christian colonialism.  There are many paradoxes that  I must hold as I walk my path and seek deeper understanding, healing and truth. One of Jesus' many names is "The Reconciler" and I believe that He can help us reconcile all differences, all contradictions, all divisions, all traumas and all wrongs in the light of His glorious love. The Jesus-path as I am coming to know it is not about oppression, denigration of other true spiritual paths, exiling the Divine Feminine, nor limiting our spiritual experience-  it a walk of profound freedom, true faith and Divine Love .  I will always honor Mother Earth and indigenous truth. I seek to walk the Jesus-path in a truly loving, humble and respectful way in ever-deeper service to God's Kingdom and the healing of All My Relations (two terms that I use interchangeably in my prayers). 

**"Creator Sets Free" is the name given to Jesus in The First Nations Version An Indigenous Translation of the New Testament by Terry Wildman (InterVarsity Press). Learn about The FNV here. 

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